Moon Knight Hero Pack

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Moon Knight Hero Pack

While working as a mercenary in Egypt, Marc Spector stumbled upon an archaeological dig site where he had an altercation with his fellow mercenary, Raoul Bushman. This fight resulted in him dying near a statue of the Egyptian God of Vengeance, Khonshu. Khonshu in turn raised Spector from the dead as his Blade of Vengeance and gave him the power to defeat his former accomplice, Bushman. Upon his return to the United States, Marc created multiple identities in order to distance himself from his past while maintaining connections to multiple facets of society and became the masked vigilante known as Moon Knight.

Items Included in this Pack:

  • Moon Knight
  • 2 Costumes (Moon Knight Classic Costume (Default), Moon Knight Secret Avengers Costume)
  • Moon Knight Hero S.T.A.S.H. (extra Hero specific inventory, costumes will appear here)
  • 4x Fortune Cards (One each of Mark 1, 2, 3, and 4)
  • 1 Retcon Device

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